What Do I Do About Climate Change?

LEAIP.com has developed a free app, Greenshifter, that helps people address climate change through their everyday lives.

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Climate Change 5.0

This is an application of LEAIP to the challenge of Climate Change. In the example, we apply LEAIP to find how a regular person could most significantly influence climate change through their daily life.

The big picture in our initial analysis summary, Climate Change in a NutShell, is no doubt challenging but, as we progressed through the LEAIP methodology, with the right True North picture, we began to see that we, as individuals and as humanity, can do significant and immediate things about our climate situation. The LEAIP List presents our actions for personally combatting climate change. 

The following two graphics below show our summary of climate change's True North, and our LEAIP List shows our actions for personally combatting climate change.  The links further below walk us through how LEAIP apps and methodology are applied to this, or any, challenge.