Step 0 - Defining True North (ARC Consulting Analytics*)  

This initializing step in the LEAIP process frames the essence of the situation. We gathered data and, from our analysis of that data, created the single-page summary below. This preliminary analysis already reveals 2 important conclusions:

1 - World temperature increase is very strongly related to our levels of global population and GDP-per-capita. 

2 - In the mid-1980's humanity appears to have exceeded the earth's natural capacity to absorb

    greenhouse gas emissions (natural sequestration). Temperature rise began to accelerate rapidly.

Climate CHANGE 5.0

​Climate Change 5.0 is an example of ARC Analytics and LEAIP Methodology applied to the realm of Climate Change. 

*LEAIP App users usually define their own true north and there is detailed guidance on how to do this in the LEAIP methodology and apps. That being said, ARC Consulting's expertise in defining True North is also consistently considered by our customers to have been a critically valuable addition to their teams.