LEAIP Master

​​​LEAIP Methodology                              ​​       LEAIP  Tool                        LEAIP App

1 - Make  opportunities visible            =>      Map                      =>          Surfacing

2 - Select the best opportunities         =>      Funnel                  =>          Acuity

3 - Make it happen                                =>      Implement           =>          Progress!

​​LEAIP Master

  • TheLEAIP Master app is your very detailed, step-by-step guide to using the 3 tools and applying LEAIP methodology
  • ​With the LEAIP Master app as your coach, you can apply LEAIP with just a few post-it notes and pens

The LEAIP Mapping Tool gets your opportunities up to the surface where you can see them

Through the Funnel Tool, you will assess the advantages of the opportunities, relative to each other, and make sure that you work on your best opportunities...first!

The LEAIP Implementation Tool gives you a simple and highly effective way to make sure that things get done      

1 - Make  opportunities visible

2 - Select the best opportunities

3 - Make it happen

LEAIP Accelerates Improvement

  • simple and highly effective 
  • reliably generates significant results  
  • for improvement work in groups or individually


  • Each of the 3 LEAIP tools is also available as a LEAIP app, so you can also apply all, or part, of LEAIP electronically
  • The LEAIP apps make for great analytical tools in their own right and enable you to save and adjust sessions on your tablet 
  • All the LEAIP apps can be installed individually or in a single convenient bundle
  • Each of the LEAIP apps can be used independently

The 3-stage ​​LEAIP Methodology engages people through 3 powerful tools, in 10 simple steps 

in accelerating improvement & advances in any organization,

reliably delivering significant results faster!

LEAIP Methodology


- A simple & highly effective accelerated process improvement methodology for teams and people who want to quickly take a situation or process from opportunities to significant implemented improvements.

- Easy to use, fast, fun, and widely accessible - just apply the 3 simple tools in 10 steps

- Universally applicable to any process and process improvement activity in any environment: manufacturing, business & administration processes, health, government, IT, supply chain, custom product, customer service....

- The I SEE I DO process tool particularly designed for engaging the process experts! - process operators, customers and owners - in rapidly achieving significant improvements through team collaboration

- Tried, tested, and proven through decades of real-world continuous improvement experience generating significant results in a wide range of situations