LEAIP Apps are all about helping people to be highly effective in an easy and fun way whether that's organizing ideas/things in LEAIP Sticky's or applying LEAIP methodology using LEAIP Surfacing, Acuity, or Progress! while being guided by LEAIP Master


LEAIP accelerated improvement methodology is a deceptively simple,  but incredibly effective continuous improvement tool. It is for making any process or situation even more successful, with an approach that is for people from all walks of life.

As a process improvement tool, LEAIP apps and methodology are especially accessible to those who know and operate the targeted process, the experts!, regardless of prior experience in continuous improvement. ​

LEAIP Apps built for collaboration on iPad: 

LEAIP App Bundle

  • LEAIP apps your way
    • Get all the LEAIP apps together at once in one convenient bundle
    •  If you prefer, you can buy just the app you need for now. The price of any already purchased apps will be deducted from any later bundle purchase 

LEAIP Sticky's App

  • Electronic notes for:
    • work,          collecting ideas, prioritizing, grouping...
    • fun,             wedding & seating plans, planning layouts...
    • and play     making sticky-art masterpieces!, making games...
  • easy to learn, apply, and quickly achieve significant results
  • get people really engaged and collaborating
  • can be applied in an incredible range of environments and situations
  • have easy to follow guides 

LEAIP App Guides  Where you can find the guides for LEAIP apps

LEAIP Master App

  • LEAIP stands for Lean-Excellence Accelerated Improvement Process
  • 3 powerful tools, 10 simple steps​ that align with the LEAIP apps: Surfacing, Acuity, Progress!
  • LEAIP Master is a coach and a facilitator's step-by-step guide for LEAIP methodology that is always right at hand on your device


LEAIP Progress! App

  • For visually organizing and managing projects and activities through to completion
    • The built-in task template generator makes it quick and easy to plan and follow the What, When, Who & Status of a multitude of projects & activities over time.
    • The status of every task is visual - you know where you are at a glance
    • Multiple sessions (projects) can be stored, recalled and connected to sub-sessions (sub-projects)

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LEAIP Surfacing App

  • A highly visual app for methodically generating opportunities
    • The app's very simple and highly effective 3-step process quickly gets opportunities out in front of you
    • It's fun and easy to use. Most importantly, the Surfacing methodology reliably delivers

LEAIP Acuity App

  • The app for determining your best opportunities
    • The Acuity app puts masterful facilitating right in your hands - the app turns multitudes of possibilities into very high value focuses
    • You visually work your priorities on Acuity's canvas
    • Acuity's  algorithm automatically generates a prioritized list for you